May 2, 2011

Bioshock 2

The sequel to the famous genetically enhanced first person shooter is developed by 2K Marin; odd considering Irrational Games developed the first game - even the writers are different. What is worrying most of all though is the fact that a sequel has been made at all, given the fact that you are supposed to have saved all of the little sisters and Rapture in the first game.

The year is 1968; precisely eight years after the events of the first game have taken place. With the aid of flashbacks it is shown that the first Big Daddy ever created, Subject Delta, is forced to commit suicide by Sofia Lamb, in 1958, through the use of a mind control plasmid. After being revived you find yourself playing as Subject Delta and it is your mission to be reunited with your little sister, Eleanor (Lamb’s daughter), before she is genetically modified forever by her mother.

The game features the same myriad of weapons, plasmids and enemies with a few extras thrown in; brute splicers, alpha series big daddies and big sisters. The second game feels a lot harder in aspect of combat - enemies take a lot more ammo to be put down and you aren’t allow to carry as many first aid kits or eve hypos - but vita chambers are ever present on every stage, rendering the measures made to make the game more difficult void. The hacking process has been changed too - long gone is the charm of the plumbing puzzle - replaced by a needle and a colour coded gauge.

Despite 2K Marin’s efforts to replicate the detail of the first game, the sequel just doesn’t have the same feel as its predecessor. This could be because of any number of things; the incredibly weak plot, the miraculous appearance of new enemy types that you never came across in the first game or the fact that the first Bioshock game was wrapped up so nicely, with such a definite end it really doesn’t feel like there needs to be a sequel and its new developers are just flogging a dead horse.

Much like the first game, however, the ending of number two is also very weak; with no actual final boss to battle with you are just hoarded by every enemy type you come across as you play through the game - not much of a challenge. A completely unnecessary second installment that fails to live up to the legendary status of the first game.

Angela Davey (JustDefy)

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